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Crown Royal Jewelry & Loan is a pawn shop in Chicago, IL. We are on the northwest side of Chicago in the Austin neighborhood. We are near the Oak Park, Elmwood Park and Melrose Park suburbs.

What is a pawn shop?

A pawn shop is a place for people to go when they need cash fast. You can sell your item to the shop, or we can make you a loan. Pawning an item means that you are receiving a loan on your item. You can then redeem your item(s) at a later date.

You can buy & sell gold, silver and diamond jewelry at our pawn shop.

Visit our pawn shop to find great deals on new and pre-owned merchandise!

crown store frontYou can also visit our storefront to find great deals on pre-owned merchandise such as flatscreen TVs, iPods, car audio, watches & jewelry, tools, musical instruments, video game consoles, and much more! We sell used DVD movies for $2.00, new and older titles.

Most of the items we sell are used and in great condition, however, sometimes the items we have for sale are brand new. Visit the Crown Royal Jewelry & Loan pawn shop today.

An easy way to locate a pawn shop near you is by using Google maps.

If you have a few extra minutes, we would appreciate it if you would write us a review online on websites such as Yelp or Google Places/Maps.  We would like to hear from our customers and would like to know if you were happy with the service we provided or if you got a great deal on merchandise.

Of course, positive reviews are welcome. And if you had a less than positive experience, give us a call and let us know before posting a negative review. We are open to constructive criticism.

Unfortunately, because of the reputation and nature of the pawn industry, people might leave our shop disappointed because they expected to get more money for their items and will be quick to go online and write a negative review. They may think that we were trying to take advantage of them, which is not the case at all.

Keep in mind, we give loans based on the used resale value of your item, not what you paid for it brand new in a retail store. If your item is worth $75 used, we won’t be able to give you $75 for the item. This is because if the customer does not come back to redeem their loan, we need to re-sell the item. So if your item is worth $75 on the resale market, we may offer a loan between $30 – $50 based on the condition and completeness of the item (accessories such as a remote, software discs, etc.).

With that being said, if you feel unhappy with your experience at our pawn shop, please give us a call or stop in our shop and let us know.
If you were happy with your experience, please leave us a review on one of the following sites. Here are links to a few of our online profiles where you can write a review and rate us…

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